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JDB Gaming is a leading electronic gaming program provider in Asia that offers five major online gaming genres. JDB's gaming site is generally the sharpest of the brand and its firepower is near-infinite. Everything is divided easily and finished in an incomprehensible system for red, orange and yellow. Judging by the site alone, it's clear that the brand is forcing the company to provide quality. Opening JDB helps more than putting pressure on that.

Why choose JDB?

JDB is a global provider of online gaming content in Asia. We are challenging to develop 5 fantastic types of online betting. With the Goliath data analysis system of the selected JDB pack, we continue to control the player and block the marketing strategy completely, encouraging our customers to exploit the business offers of paradise without any problems.

Different type of Games

JDB has introduced our commitment to improving electronic games and is good at encouraging people with Chinese style. We cover many types of games, including outstanding slots, fishing, arcade, card and lottery games.

Other Sports

The slot machines have other fun changes in the game, money related prizes, again. Discover the best add-on games you can find hidden in electronic gaming machines.

Trusted online casino

Undoubtedly, all the electronic football games of JDB Gaming are developed and published by Gaming Labs International, the free and most amazing control providers in the industry. The games use a logical number generator to ensure smooth and unique results.

Feeling Lucky Today?

Fill-up your wallet now or Fill-up your pocket and let it FULL, Heng and Huat!



There is no any charge or cost for register a record! Everybody can choose their own wallet relies on their money. Its quick and key just E-MEL address is commonplace upon demand.



You can DEPOSIT with online bank through FPX, ATM, manual machine trade and Bitcoin. Game CREDITS will added rapidly for FPX and Bitcoin portion.



Withdraw or Cuci is quick and clear, direct to your money related balance.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Find answers to commonly asked questions here.

How to Register?

Is really clear : Register > enter email > dissected email > login (secret verbalization in the email).
Set aside your most fundamental store : store > game > pay > done! Much obliged to You!

How to Withdraw?

You can perform CUCI or Withdraw out any time, the entire day, limit depends upon your open game credits.
Before you facilitated to accumulate Cuci to your record, expecting no one characters, update your monetary amicability in the plan.
In the end go to Withdraw > Game > complete to cuci > your bank > done!
Demand status will develop through email, and all that considered absolute under 5 minutes.
Min per Withdraw as low as RM50.00

How to Transfer?

Without a doubt you can move game credits to other open games, no necessity. Clearly you in this way can move game credit to your mate, ensure your pal truly have account in the framework.

How to Deposit?

We set store truly clear, a colossal pile of like controlling connection bills. Login > store > select game > select piece procedure > done.
We propose use PFX as is fast and fundamental, game credit to ID following outright part, not a truly clear explanation to remain by help, get start game on the spot.
ATM or Manually online trade > Deposit > game > ATM/online trade > Save > copy the REF# number for the ATM or online trade. Move the slip to a relative arrangement. Game credit will added once we attested the part.
Bitcoin > Deposit > Game > Bitcoin > Save > redirect to QR code > look at with your Bitcoin wallet > hold tight around 1-2 minutes > done ! you will received email notice the referring to status.
Least per Deposit as low as RM 10.00

What Payment Method do u provide?

We provided online FPX,QR Pay, Touch n Go Pay, ATM, manual electronic trade and Bitcoin.