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It is easily translated into "a lot of fish", which is a five-axis, nine-pay-line game, which again draws on typical Chinese portraits as its symbolic inspiration. The background of the game is a red pagoda hanging on a lantern. Unique icons appearing in the game include ceremonial dragons and lions, a bowl of litchi, a plate of dim sum, lanterns, lotus flowers and (of course) a string of classic firecrackers.

Since there are four jackpots that can be won, we might as well talk about them. The jackpot game is a random function that can be triggered when any real currency spins. The more bets a player places, the greater the chance of activating it, but technically speaking, any bet has a chance to offset it.

After activating the jackpot feature, the good news is that players can guarantee to win one of the amounts shown in the box above the reels. At the beginning of the game, the prize wheel will spin and the pointer will eventually end in one of the four colors. Then, players must continue to spin until they hit any color 3 times, at which point they will win the relevant jackpot prize.