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In "Aeolus", the wild is represented by yin and yang, which are ancient Chinese philosophical and religious symbols, depicting the convergence of opposite and opposite forces-and the foundation of popular cultural jewelry and posters in the 1990s. This evocative symbol replaces all other symbols on the basic game wheel. It is also the symbol of the highest salary on the board. Five of them will reward you 2,000 credits.

The symbol of the second highest income is the sage Chinese gentleman with a long white beard, reminiscent of Gandalf in "The Lord of the Rings" played by Sir Ian McLaren. He was followed by a Chinese lady with crow hair and gorgeous headdress. Then came a young Chinese gentleman (looking a bit like a modern TV magician) and a dark-haired lady. The lower pay symbol is still quite fierce: a dragon (typical Chinese icon), a fiery phoenix, a bird and a wolf creature.