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Arctic treasures occur in harsh and icy environments, but fortunately for players, you will be completely safe behind the screen-very safe, and you may even need some time to enjoy the scenery. The scene takes place at night, with the tall iceberg in the background illuminated by blue moonlight. The scroll in the foreground is covered with snow, and the command buttons are cleverly hidden in the sidebar and pop-up menu. The Arctic treasure is simple, but it looks beautiful. However, don't let this calm sight distract your target, let's continue to play the game.

The Arctic Treasure's claims are full of frozen items and local creatures, and they have adapted to these harsh environments to survive under extreme polar conditions. Let's look at all these symbols here and give examples of cash rewards based on a coin bet. The card icon from number 10 to A is the first icon on the menu and the most common icon to date. During the game, you can win 5 to 100 points through these combinations at any time.

Next are Arctic owls, wolves and polar bears. The luckiest players can earn up to 500 points. In addition, if you want greater returns, the Arctic Treasure will bring you some surprises.